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In-Person or Online Psychotherapy and Counseling

50 minute and extended sessions available online via video chat (Clients must be located in PA or CA)

Psychotherapy is the process of utilizing present expressions of health and struggles as windows into the underlying dynamics that govern the ways we see and respond to the world around us. By increasing one’s self-awareness through a supportive therapeutic relationship, true healing, resilience, and inner strength can flourish. Psychotherapy through can help treat many different presenting issues, including those listed below. A thorough complementary assessment process screens for appropriateness of fit for this modality whether in-person or online.





Early Adulthood Issues and "Quarter-Life Crisis"

Life Transitions


Relationship Issues

Trauma Recovery


Wellness coaching

Online or In-Person

Wellness coaching provides individuals with tools to help navigate life stressors and meet goals for the future. Through strength-based and solution-focused approaches, simple but effective strategies are developed to better help individuals live their life to its fullest potential. Each coaching relationship and course of action is completely individualized and is focused on achievable goals in the short term, while simultaneously setting the ground work for long term successes.

Mindfulness-Based Coaching and Meditation

Online or In-Person

Mindfulness-based coaching utilizes mindfulness meditation and related practices for cultivating a greater capacity for managing emotion, developing skills to better establish and maintain healthy relationships, and align with preexisting strengths and abilities to achieve life goals.

Wellness and Mindfulness-Based Coaching helps those struggling with:

Emotional Overwhelm

Difficulty Determining Life Goals/Passions

Making Healthy Connections with Others

Finding Balance Between Work and Home

Identifying and Utilizing Strengths

As well as those looking to…

Increase self-awareness

Support spiritual practice

Unlock potential for personal growth



Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Somatic Awareness


Stress Management 

Contemplative Psychology

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